Terms and Condition


DELIVERY TIME: An agent or employee of Lowder Buildings, LLC will contact the Buyer upon completion of the building as more particularly described and specified in the Purchase Contract, to schedule a date and time for delivery of said building at a location determined by the Buyer.


Any given delivery time is approximate, as there is the possibility of unforeseen circumstances that can delay delivery, including but not limited to weather conditions, that can compromise the delivery date and/or time.


In the event that the delivery must be delayed or rescheduled an agent or employee of Lowder Buildings, LLC will contact the Buyer to discuss the delay and make suitable arrangements for delivery.


In the event that the agent or employee of Lowder Buildings, LLC is unable to contact the Buyer due to no fault of Lowder Buildings, LLC, then Lowder Buildings, LLC reserves the right to reschedule the delivery for another day and/or time.

PAYMENT DUE ON DELIVERY: For cash, payment must be in the form of a certified check/cashier’s check payable to Lowder Buildings LLC, cash, credit or debit card. There is a 3% processing fee for all credit or debit card payments.


For Rent to own, please see your Rent to own contract. The rent to own company will send statement to your email address provided / if no email add they will send a welcome pack or booklet for your payments tracker to the mailing address stated in the contract.


In the event that full payment has not been made on delivery, Lowder Buildings LLC has the right to get the building back.


SET UP PROCEDURES: There is a 1 hour set-up time allotment included in the cost of the delivery for all buildings, except those measuring over 12 feet wide, which are given 2 hours set-up allotment. If the set-up requires time exceeding the above set forth allotment due to no fault of Lowder Buildings, LLC, its agents and/or employees, each additional hour is billed at the rate of $60 per hour. Payment is due immediately upon completion of the set-up and can be paid directly to the delivery personnel via credit or debit card or cash.

Please see clearance required based on the width of the building:

8ft wide = minimum of 10ft wide clearance

10ft wide = minimum of 12ft wide clearance

12ft wide = minimum of 14ft wide clearance

14ft wide = minimum of 16ft wide clearance

Cement blocks are provided for set-up, # of blocks depends on the length of the building (example: 24’ long, customer has free 24 blocks). Any unused blocks under the expected # of blocks, shall remain the property of Lowder Buildings,LLC. If any setup requires more than the expected # of blocks, additional blocks will be cost $3 per block. Payment for additional blocks will be due immediately after completion of the set-up and can be paid directly to the delivery personnel via credit or debit card or cash.

BUYER’S RESPONSIBILITIES: There must be clear access to the delivery location which will allow for a truck and 26 foot trailer. There shall be a minimum of 2 feet of clearance on all sides of the building on the straight delivery path and set-up area. The delivery personnel will require additional clearance in locations in which the truck and trailer will have to turn to make delivery and unload in the Buyer’s requested set-up area. For example, a building measuring 14 feet wide should have at least 16 feet of accessible clearance, with even more buffering space on the turn area. Loading instructions are based on the Buyer’s request, which varies from order to order, and Lowder Buildings, LLC is not responsible for any discrepancies. Buildings are always set as low to the ground as possible, and only as high as conditions require.


Buildings are never set over 3 feet high off the ground, as it can be dangerous. The Buyer must establish the set-up area prior to the delivery. Once the building is set up, an additional set up fee will be required to move the building and set it up again. The delivery personnel reserve the right to leave the job site if he deems it unsafe, unsanitary, too wet, or inaccessible and the building will be re-delivered and set up when conditions are corrected. An additional delivery fee will be due upon completion of the job.

It's the Buyer responsibility to acquire necessary building permit from their county / city and approval from their Homeowner's Association. Lowder Buildings and it's personnel doesn't process permit or document related to this. 

The Buyer is also responsible for the following:

• Choosing the set-up area before the delivery personnel arrive.

• Acquiring any permits, written documents, deviations, etc., including but not limited to set-backs, site preparations, and restrictive covenants, etc.

• Clearing the delivery path and set up area of all impediments including but not limited to trees, tree limbs, fences, poisonous plants, hazardous material, trash, obstacles, and pet feces.

Lowder Buildings is not responsible for the following:

Building Permits, Site preparation, Site accessibility, Property damage resulting from inaccessibility (i.e. soft ground, trees, wells, septic systems, etc.), moving limbs, shrubs, low wires, landscaping, fencing, etc. 

If the site is prepared properly our driver WILL do minor blocking and leveling of the structure.

If site is inaccessible because of rocks, trees, fences or other buildings, our driver may unload the shed as close to the intended site as these conditions permit. If our driver must return with the structure, a return shipping cost will be charged to the customer.

In the event that there is any damage to the real property of the Buyer or any improvements situated on the same that are incidental to the delivery and set-up on said building, the Buyer agrees to hold Lowder Buildings, LLC, its agents and/or employees harmless from the same

Refund / Cancellation Fee:

Downpayment / Deposit is not refundable after 72 hours of purchase. Our sales team turn in the order immediately to purchase the materials for your building, as delivery of materials may take weeks this need to be done immediately to meet the estimated delivery time to avoid delays, once materials, has been purchased and paid, we are unable to process refund.